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SOURIAU Introduces JMX Series Medical Plastic Push-Pull Connectors


Esterline Connection Technologies – SOURIAU has introduced the JMX series of plastic push-pull connectors for the medical industry that are easy for medical professionals to use.

The JMX connector complies with UL 1977 and IEC 60601 standards and can be used to connect surgical equipment, diagnostic equipment and patient monitoring equipment.

Simple and safe to connect The JMX series is designed for human body instinct and is easy to use. Each plug has an ergonomic grip and visual indicator for easy alignment of the socket.

Users can use nine different color codes and six different key options to identify connectors and prevent connection errors. The series also has 2000 connection/disconnection cycles for everyday use. The technical features of the series are in accordance with UL 1977 and IEC 60601 standards and are designed in accordance with simplified medical devices.

The Waterproof Sterilization JMX Series also protects equipment from common liquids (water, blood, cleaning fluids) in the medical environment. The JMX series is IP68 rated and can be soaked in 10 meters of water for one week, whether connected or disconnected. It also withstands autoclave sterilization and performs 200 cycles/four minutes at 134 °C.

SOURIAU's well-designed JMX series of plastic push-pull connector for all medical devices. Its bright colors and slim appearance match the equipment and stand out from its competitors.

Wide choice of contacts and specifications The JMX series is available in nine sizes and four different diameters (0.5, 0.7, 0.9 and 1.3 mm) to withstand currents and voltages up to 10A/1200V. Its contacts are either welded or crimped, and SOURIAU's overmolded wire harness provides customers with a permanent one-piece assembly. The company will also introduce other specifications (PCB models and other specifications) in 2017 and 2018.

Non-medical applications
Although the JMX series of plastic push-pull connectors are designed for medical applications, they are equally suitable for instrumentation, robotics and lighting applications. Its ergonomics, small size and protection level can meet the corresponding market demand.

Overmolding the connectors offers significant opportunities for cable improvements with higher pull strength and waterproof issue for those parts, which without these characteristic by conventional types.Such as jst jwpf connector.  Just be free to contact us if you need any wire-harness solutions or partner for your products. Our professional and experienced team would support you by satisfied skill and service.

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